1) What is Arkaya's solar assisted heat pump?  
Arkaya's solar assisted heat pump is the latest technology that combines the incomplete technology of heat pump and solar thermal collector.
2) Is this technology MCS approved to install in the UK?
Yes, this technology has been approved by MCS.
3) When can I get hot water?
You can get hot water anytime in any weather condition. This product will work 24 hours a day all year around
4) What sort of maintenance does Arkaya's solar assisted heat pump require?
Arkaya's solar assisted heat pump, unlike other products, need no maintenance. It's fit and forget it solution for all hot water needs throughout the year.
5) Where does the product need to be installed?
It can be mounted anywhere; it totally depends on you and your needs as to where you want it to be fixed. It's ideal for it to be near the cylinder to reduce pipework.
6) Where does the solar panel need to be installed?
The solar thermal collector can be mounted anywhere horizontally/ vertically on the wall all on the roof, usually its mounted on the wall.
7) What if I need instant hot water?
Arkaya's solar assisted heat pump takes care of all requirements. When the temperature falls below 35 degrees than in dire, need the sun box kickstarts electric element.
8) What can I control using a digital controller?
You can control everything, from what temperature you want your water to be to at what temperature you want the electric element to kickstart, it is all at your fingertips.
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